Stare and care

Stare and care 500 500 Sybille Sciamma
How much I like to stand and stare, /find a quiet moment to do nothing /and be dreamy /Let laziness get hold of me lire plus

A wild world

A wild world 400 400 Sybille Sciamma
Life among humans is indeed complicated /- so many layers of social cues /Animals on the other hand /are quite transparent lire plus

Giant me

Giant me 387 387 Sybille Sciamma
This picture makes me feel so good about myself! /Looking at it I can feel my own pace lire plus

My coaching tree

My coaching tree 331 331 Sybille Sciamma
Wouldn’t you seat under a tree /to reflect on your life? /Not only reflect, but tell, share, embrace? lire plus

New Me

New Me 500 500 Sybille Sciamma
New me is fearless /walking bare-headed under heavy rain /soaked and all wet /Embracing the world around lire plus


Magnolia 606 606 Sybille Sciamma
If you watch this picture closely /you will see hidden in the flowers /the lover that this guy was shooting lire plus

Be a bumblebee

Be a bumblebee 562 560 Sybille Sciamma
This little guy was so busy /at the Chelsea Flower Show /foraging beautiful alliums /I prefer bumblebees to bees lire plus

My Muse

My Muse 350 350 Sybille Sciamma
My first time ever crying of emotion /listening to your talk at Librairie le Rameau d’Or /I couldn’t stop such was my wonder /at you and at your work lire plus

India’s forest man

India’s forest man 392 392 Sybille Sciamma
The magic of stubbornness /or better said, perseverance /step by step /day after day /again and again and again (…) /This guy never deviated /from his task lire plus