My coaching tree

My coaching tree 331 331 Sybille Sciamma


Wouldn’t you seat under a tree
to reflect on your life?
Not only reflect, but tell, share, embrace?
This would be a time for fostering
all that we most care about
life itself
our love, our sorrow, our hopes
our tenderness, our fears

In our roots are what nourishes us
our past, our dear memories
the voice of someone we loved and can’t hear anymore
a hug, a perfect moment of happiness
the cheek of a child under our kiss
the warmth of heartfelt laugh
all waiting in the deepness of our souls
to be brought back to light
and extend their magic glow to our pensive faces

Like the trunk we stand up
and need to deploy ourselves
large, high, far
strongly and steadily
so that others could seat under our shade

And reach for the clouds
breath the light air of dreams
expand our lungs
let a bit of madness run freely up our spines
through our brains
to the sky