A good bonfire

A good bonfire 500 500 Sybille Sciamma
There is a memory in my mind and body /of what it is to be a good bonfire /It is playing as a child lire plus


Charm 183 183 Sybille Sciamma
Charm is my go to trick /my main access to the world lire plus

Zen horse

Zen horse 500 500 Sybille Sciamma
There are days of being a bad horse /- a stubborn ill-mannered disobedient bad horse lire plus

The boy next door

The boy next door 253 253 Sybille Sciamma
In this « real » from Instagram /a group of Khoisan boys /introduce themselves /with big smiles lire plus

Beloved bewitched

Beloved bewitched 500 500 Sybille Sciamma
I’ve probably spent days of my childhood /watching reruns of this beloved old show /As it goes Samantha is a witch /who marries a pretty normal mortal lire plus

Chiswick witchcraft

Chiswick witchcraft 500 500 Sybille Sciamma
What I remember from this period of my life /is the color pink /pink of the brick walls /pink of the cherry trees lire plus


Asia 1828 1829 Sybille Sciamma
Asia Ramazan Antar /was killed at 19 years old /fighting ISIS in Syrian Kurdistan lire plus


Lilith 300 301 Sybille Sciamma
Both scary and fascinating /the glass eyes of this bronze sculpture /by artist Kiki Smith /will probably give you a shiver of fear lire plus

Woman and Child

Woman and Child 536 536 Sybille Sciamma
This hyperrealistic piece of art /felt to the contrary very surreal lire plus