My Muse

My Muse 350 350 Sybille Sciamma

Photo Le Rameau d’Or

Katarina von Flotow presenting her book Memento Mori in Librairie Le Rameau d’Or, Geneva, 2022.

Photo Katarina von Flotow, Tulip Dream 2020

My first time ever crying of emotion
listening to your talk at Librairie le Rameau d’Or
I couldn’t stop such was my wonder
at you and at your work

Dear Katarina, you are now my muse
like you I want to tinker and fiddle
I want to take time alone in my home
and explore and make and play with all my senses

I want the delicacy and the tenderness
with wich you arranged your flowers
in their death and slow decay

Be a fairy, with my hands and soul
create beauty out of refuse
respect and cherish
every single stem, every single petal

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Photo Katarina von Flotow, Valiant Poppies 2020

Photo Katarina von Flotow, Pollock 2020