Giant me

Giant me 387 387 Sybille Sciamma

Photo Sybille Sciamma

This picture makes me feel so good about myself!

Looking at it I can feel my own pace
how my shoulders are balancing my body
– my square shoulders
the left one slightly higher than the other
to maintain the handbag in position

Square hips also
my legs always apart
This figure is so mine
this body so homely,
but for the long long legs

The low afternoon sun did the trick
turning my legs into bubble gum ones
Suddenly I weight nothing
I am just this lively airy shadow

How I like to be all stretched up
on the pavement
As the sun goes down
I grow up
its warm caress pushes me forward

I’m ready for the autumn of my life
I will stretch further as the light fades
till I be one with the air I breath
and disappear