A wild world

A wild world 400 400 Sybille Sciamma

“When a person talks, they might say one thing but mean another. Animals don’t do that.”

Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja, in Mathew Bremner How to be human: the man who was raised by wolves, The Guardian

Abandoned as a child, Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja survived alone in the wild for years and befriended wolves. Returned to civilisation at 19, living among humans proved difficult.

Life among humans is indeed complicated
– so many layers of social cues

Animals on the other hand
are quite transparent:
happy, angry, scared
it’s all there in the open

Imagine that you yourself couldn’t hide your feelings
exactly like when you feel ashamed
and you would hate for people to know
but your blush betrays you…

Imagine a life where
there would be no doubt
about your fellow humans’ feelings:
total clarity and evidence

One could say in your face:
“I don’t want you here, go away!”
instead of deploying sophisticated undercover techniques
to make you feel subtly unwelcomed…
At least you would know where to stand!

No more hiding, no escape
no helpful lies
a seamless, direct, simple world
– a wild world!