The boy next door

The boy next door 253 253 Sybille Sciamma

Instagram Real from brayz_mwacha
To watch the real click here

In this « real » from Instagram
a group of Khoisan boys
introduce themselves
with big smiles because they know
that some of their names
with their rare click consonants
will be very hard to pronounce
by any other people

My brain struggles to reconcile
the strangeness of their language
and remoteness of their location
the little I know of the Khoisan people’s
way of life
– as far as it gets from my own –
and the evidence and familiarity
of this short scene

The last boy in the row
whose name I am terribly unable
to repeat or spell,
with his smart and direct look
self-assured body language
and engaging smile
could be
the boy next door