Beloved bewitched

Beloved bewitched 500 500 Sybille Sciamma

I’ve probably spent days of my childhood
watching reruns of this beloved old show

As it goes Samantha is a witch
who marries a pretty normal mortal
and she does her best to fit
what a mortal suburban wife from the sixties
would do, notably cooking

She’s pretty bad at all practical mortal things
breaking stuff while dusting
and often burning meals
but thank God a simple twist of her nose
would fix any catastrophe!

Her cheeky smile
her false blonde ingenuity
her steadfast optimism
her candid stubbornness
to live the life she’s chosen for herself

Everything in her character appeals to me
first of which of course being a witch
Sadly I still don’t know how to twist my nose!
I’ll have to learn other tricks of witchcraft
to fix my broken stuff…