Penelope’s Bed

Penelope’s Bed 436 436 Sybille Sciamma

Eva Lootz, La Cama de Penelope
Coster – Art i Natura, Mallorca, España

Such a turning point in my life
the encounter with this piece of art

Some instants are charged with magic:
climbing the hill, watching the view,
the light fading and turning rose
and here it is: the complete meaning

Softness of the cement, white as a dove
smoothness of the pillow, which you want to caress
sharp edges, square feet – it hurts
grace and energy of the olive tree

I will definitively go nowhere else
cause that’s where my roots are

No need to tie myself to any mast
I’m the prisoner of my own life
– such a soft and gentle prison

I can feel the sap pulsing up towards the sky
these roots are my curse and my life line

The bed lies in front of me
simple, full of sense, so appealing in its beauty

Here I can curl and rest
let go of my torments
and in time, even flourish and bear fruit

« Penelope (to Telemachus): “If really he is Odysseus, truly home, beyond all doubt we two shall know each other better than you or anyone. There are secret signs we know, we two.” …
Odysseus: “There is our pact and pledge, our secret sign, built into that bed—my handiwork and no one else’s! An old trunk of olive grew like a pillar on the building plot… I shaped that stump from the roots up into a bedpost, drilled it, let it serve as model for the rest.”
Their secret! as she heard it told, her knees grew tremulous and weak, her heart failed her. With eyes brimming tears she ran to him… »

Homer, Odyssey, Bk XXIII

« Some things a husband and wife share between themselves alone. The greatest of these is the very reality of their belonging to each other. »

Lifecraft, The Secret of the Mariage Bed
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