Hearts of clay

Hearts of clay 423 423 Sybille Sciamma

Steve Jobs / Photo Albert Watson

Lisa Brennan-Jobs / Photo Brigitte Lacombe

« “I guess you were working really hard, and that’s why you didn’t email me or call me back?” He’d rarely returned my emails and calls, did not mark my birthdays.

“No,” he paused. “It wasn’t because I was busy. It was because I was mad you didn’t invite me to the Harvard weekend.”

“What weekend?”

“The introductory weekend. All I got was the bill,” he said, with a catch in his voice. »

Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Small Fry, a Memoir

The mighty Steve Jobs
reportedly admitting his vulnerability
“All I got was the bill”

a very successful and powerful adult
feeling rejected and used
by his child

a giant with feet of clay
as we all are
behind our social bodies

layers and layers of padding
and steel armors
and good distance

that’s what we need
to protect our hearts
our fragile hearts of clay

« Born on a farm and named in a field by her parents―artist Chrisann Brennan and Steve Jobs―Lisa Brennan-Jobs’s childhood unfolded in a rapidly changing Silicon Valley. When she was young, Lisa’s father was a mythical figure who was rarely present in her life. As she grew older, her father took an interest in her, ushering her into a new world of mansions, vacations, and private schools. His attention was thrilling, but he could also be cold, critical and unpredictable. When her relationship with her mother grew strained in high school, Lisa decided to move in with her father, hoping he’d become the parent she’d always wanted him to be.
Small Fry is Lisa Brennan-Jobs’s poignant story of childhoof and growing up in disparate worlds. »