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« Schiap went up into the rarefied skies of her most fantastic imagination and set off cascades of fireworks. Fantasy and ingenuity broke forth, with complete indifference not merely to what people would say but even to what was practical. She sought only an absolute freedom of expression, and a daredevil approach, with no fear. »

Elsa Schiaparelli’s autobiography, Shocking Life

Elsa Schiaparelli’s autobiography, Shocking Life

Dear Elsa,
will you come rescue me?
I feel sad and lonely
surrounded by to-dos
and seriousness

Longing for my own fireworks
to be born and break free
Fearful to become indifferent
to what I ought to do
to loose all sense of duty into oblivion!

How much I loved your autobiography
better than any novel
You turned your own life
into a tale, a fantasy
full of colors, people,
travels and sweet anecdotes

Where is my daredevil approach?
I want to be Catwoman
all dressed in black
holding a smoking gun
and jumping from the roof
I would escape my dull day

I want to let go my imagination
to hear the bangs
of colorful explosions
while the night sky would shine
with bright bouquets of lights

I want the joy of creation
the boundless sparks of crazy ideas
I want to see donkeys fly
with big shocking pink bows
the ugly to turn pretty
and the sad to be funny

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